While working with your statistics in Statistics eXplorer it’s called a Story. When you publish the story in full on a blog or a website it transforms to a Vislet.

On this page we’ve compiled all steps required to transform your Story into a Vislet. To do the transformation, you use our portal to upload a Story file from your computer. If you follow the instructions in texts and pictures, you can in peace and quiet learn how to proceed to share your Story with others. Just follow the steps in the slideshow below.

Swipe the pictures below with the cursor, or press the points below the pictures to browse.


Press here to open the portal where you transform your Story into a Vislet

To the portal


Swipe right or left to browse

Swipe right or left to browse

Do you want an even deeper understanding of how to publish Vislets? There’s more to learn about this on Linkopings University web page about Storytelling.

Linkoping University