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On this page you will be given opportunity to learn more about Visual Storytelling. The information is divided into two parts. First, Visual Storytelling and its area of application is discussed. The second part focuses on practical tips about how to get you started.

Use of visual interactive stories in education, is a way to stimulate a wide range of the students abilities. They get to learn to analyze, experiment, explore and critically review different types of statistical data, and draw conclusions from these.

On this page, we will in text and video explain what a visual Story is. We describe how you can use an existing one – a Vislet as we call them – to develop your education. When you feel like you’ve got a good picture of the concept you can try to create your own Stories. You can find instructions about how to do this here.

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Create a visual Story – make a Vislet!

What is Visual Storytelling and what can it be used for?

In this episode we will go through how you can find the right Vislets for your education and in which way you can use them to cater for the knowledge requirements provided in the curriculum.

Tips before you start!

In this episode, we explain in depth how stories link to the curriculum and which preparations that can be good to see to before you start creating your Story.

Before you start creating your own stories, it is good if you prepare yourself by choosing which subject you want to focus on, and which sources – i.e. links – you want to use in the Story. If you have a clear picture of what you want to cover in your education it will be easier for you to build the story in the program.

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In this short introductions you’ll be given instructions about how to create a Story and add tasks to it.


Do you want to try out some of VISE’s existing Vislets?